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Powerful Features

Autonomous Real-time Predictive Digital Engagement - Platform-as-a-Service

AI-Driven Personalization

Tailor each customer's experience with powerful AI and recommender systems

Social Science Insights

Engage users meaningfully by leveraging psychological cues and social patterns

Leverage Generative AI

Craft unique, dynamic content for every user with cutting-edge generative AI technology

Super easy to start

We handle everything so that you can dive in with zero hassle and witness immediate results


Choose Your Starting Point
Provide us with your data, and we'll build bespoke models tailored for your customers. No data? No worries. Our powerful Reinforcement Learning systems will kick-start your personalized engagement from day one.


Seamless Integration
We can connect to your existing infrastructure with our modern APIs or you can leverage our existing communication channels: SMS, WhatsApp, Email.


Engage & Grow
Watch as our advanced AI engages your customers in real-time, optimizing communication and continuously learning and improving.

Why is
decollo the best choice?

Unparalleled AI integration and minimal requirements meets intuitive design for unmatched results
Behavioral Economics
Real-time AI Recommenders
Intelligence Out-The-Box
Agile and Scalable
Minimal Dependencies
Quick Time to Value
Continuous Learning
Cold-Start Algorithms
Historic Data is Optional
Seamless Hand-off
We Can Execute Messages
Cloud First
Self Funding
Low Risk

Our Team

Peter Flanagan, experienced business leader and creator of business opportunities within the field of technology enabled customer engagement.
Jay van Zyl,
PhD, Computational Social Scientist, pushing the boundaries of technology and predictive models for continuous innovation.
Dino Bernicchi,
AI Strategist with experience in Recommender Systems and Generative AI.
Eric Newby,
PhD, Applied Mathematician and product designer, leads behavioral research to shape and enhance the product offering.
Jessica Nicole,
Behavioral Analyst, fusing behavioral science techniques into algorithms for evolving, accurate recommendations.
Ramsay Louw,
leads technical implementation, facilitating product integration into diverse systems, ensuring stable real-time predictive deployments.
Craig Flanagan,
experienced Engineer and project coordinator with a pulse on operations and client coordination.
Rob Janssens,
Chief Client Officer, managing enterprise initiatives while illustrating the potential of decollo to meet business requirements.






Decollo is a collective of 8 seasoned professionals with 50+ years of combined experience in AI, Social Sciences, and Customer Engagement across diverse industries. We recognized the significant need for cutting-edge technology to boost customer engagement, which adapts and learns, right from the get-go.
Our mission? To provide the most advanced and innovative solution in an easy-to-embrace and low barrier-to-entry offering. No data, no infrastructure, no capex required. With Decollo, you're not just receiving a service; you're partnering with a team that understands your customer engagement needs.

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